• Learn more about working towards Dismantling Racism. READ MORE
  • Contribute to the Lived Experience Library. EMAIL TONY CEALY
  • Add your Sound of Resistance. READ MORE
  • Sign up to support the People’s Tribunal for Deaths in Practice Community Care. READ MORE
  • Look for the 81 Acts stickers and support Brixton’s black businesses. READ MORE
  • Add to the People’s Collection – archive the legacy of the Uprisings. READ MORE
  • Be a Brixtopian!
  • Help build an Afro Supa Trail. It begins on the frontline. READ MORE
  • Practice community care. READ MORE
  • Sign up to support the Brixton Pound. READ MORE
  • Help a neighbour.
  • Be radically good to yourself. READ MORE
  • Create a new Defiance Hand Signal. Photograph it/film it/turn it into an animation. Share it with @81acts
  • Write / Draw / Paint your message to the police. We’ll deliver it to them. Post it online and tag @81acts #81acts
  • Fuel up. Learn from A Rhyming Guide to Advocacy. READ MORE
  • Read The User’s Guide to Demanding the Impossible. And then demand the impossible. VIEW PDF
  • Talk to your neighbours/elders – find out what they know about the Uprising.
  • Compare 1981 to 2021 with help from an object from each.


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