APRIL 1981


81 Acts has been built from the ground up with over 300 people giving their time and energy for free to make it possible. They have fed the process with open hearts and relentless optimism for what might be possible. It is being released in partnership with:

The Brixton Project, Ubele Initiative, Brixton House Theatre, Raw Materials, Hood Mentality, LIFT, BigKids Foundation, Lambeth Libraries and Archives, London Metropolitan Archives, 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning, Museumand – National Caribbean Heritage Museum, Black Cultural Archives, Empathy Museum, United Friends and Family Campaign, Advocacy Academy, Longfield Hall, Bureau of Silly Ideas, Aswarm, Apples and Snakes, Border Crossings, No Long Ting, The Brixton Pound, Decolonised Networking, We Rise, Mesmer, Brixton Blog, Code 7, The Black Men’s Consortium, Brixton Road Youth Centre, Brixton Society, The Lloyd Leon Community Centre/Brixton Domino club, Brixton Soup Kitchen

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