• Celebrate a leading voice fighting for racial justice today.
  • Find out more about the sound of Black Britain in 1981. READ MORE
  • Share a thought, a picture or pour out a little liquor.
  • Walk the history on a Brixton Society walk. READ MORE
  • Add names to the People of the Uprising list so they are present in future commemorations. ADD HERE
  • Celebrate someone you know who fuels and nurtures Brixton by posting on social #BrixtonHeroes.
  • Search for “The presence of voices in the absence of justice” Jay Bernard. READ MORE
  • Support local campaigns or add your own.
  • Reject The Race Report. READ MORE
  • Visit the Mending Room. READ MORE
  • Create a chain of change.
  • Add your message for the future of Brixton.
  • Dance! Listen and move to the Uprising Playlist by Dave Randall. LISTEN ON SPOTIFY
  • Plot an Act of Exuberant Defiance – connect with other Brixtonites at a Patty and Ting Chat. READ MORE
  • Rename your street! What would you call it? Stick up a paper sign below your street sign. Take a photo and post @81acts
  • Vex and Flex – join in difficult conversations. Link to the Vex and Flex Act
  • Take Lambeth Libraries’ Black Writers Challenge. READ MORE
  • Listen to or read poems that take you to new places:
– Poet Jay Bernard with a mesmerising performance of a piece inspired by the New Cross house fire of 1981. LISTEN – OPEN ACCESS: JAY BERNARD ON SURGE READ – Linton Kwesi Johnson: The Great Insurrection LISTEN – For Rashan Charles by Raymond Antrobus READ – Vanessa Kisuule: The Skies Are Grey with Remorse. LISTEN – Ranking Ann – Kill The Police Bill 1984 LISTEN – Jay Bernard – Why I Wrote ‘England Street’ LISTEN
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