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BE An Afro Supa Hero

Be an Afro Supa Hero

In 1981, Black heroes of Brixton held the ‘Frontline’ in an Uprising that lasted from the 9th–11th of April. They were protesting against racism,severe economic recession and high unemployment.

For the 81 Acts of Exuberant Defiance launch weekend Jon Daniel’s Afro Supa Heroes have appeared along the pavement along the Frontline of Railton Road to hold the frontline in commemoration of April 198. Jon Daniel was an award winning designer, graphic artist and activist. He was one of the most prominent and recognised Black creatives of his generation and a local resident. His work in took every opportunity to amplify the black diaspora with integrity, clarity and outstanding design. His Supa Heroes symbolise his childhood obsession with super heroes and the connection with real life black super heroes, igniting respect for the black experience, culture and history deep within each and every one of us.

Download this template of the Afro Supa Hero stencil to cut out and add your own to the street using chalk.

Download stencil

All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Print off or draw this stencil.
  2. Cut it out as carefully as possible.
  3. Head over to Railton Road with your stencil and some chalk (or decorate anywhere within your home/school)
  4. Go and find your favourite Afro Supa Hero on the pavement along Railton Road (see if you can find them all!)
  5. Walk forty steps from it (one for each year) and then place your stencil down and colour in with chalk!
  6. Make sure you watch out for moving vehicles and maintain social distancing, wear your mask and wash your hands after.

Find out more about Jon Daniel: