Upload your act!

Before you upload…

Please read the list below of what you will need before the uploading your act. And please read the terms and conditions below too as you will be responsible for safety and obtaining licenses, insurance and permissions if needed for you act.

You will need:

  • 81 Acts Theme (indicate which theme you are working to: Resist; Insight / Incite; Respect; Reform; Regroup & Renew; Revolution) *
  • The act title (please keep short as it becomes the name of the page in the browser) *
  • Who it the key person/organisation producing or presented by *
  • Your act description copy (max 250 words) *
  • A header image for your act page (max size of 2000 pixels wide and maximum of 500k file size) *
  • Up to 2/3 additional images (max size of 900 pixels wide and maximum of 500k file size)
  • Start date and time. (If 24 hours, do not enter time details).
  • Relevant info event links (eg website/facebook group/social media etc)
  • Video/media link (if relevant)
  • Sound/media link (if relevant)
  • Location  (if no physical address, please state base location or if online only)
  • Supported by (e.g. funders, partners, volunteers etc)

(those indicated by a * are mandatory)

You will also need to supply contact details, which will only be used for 81 Acts admin purposes and not published on the website.

  • contact name.
  • their email.
  • a small description about the team behind the act. 

Terms and conditions:

You will also need to confirm that you have the following permissions
and licenses in place where relevant.

  • I have secured an Event License for my event to take place.
  • Please also tick if your event is digital and has no live audience.
  • I have secured the authorisation to host my event at my listed venue;
  • I understand that all financial and contractual details are directly between me and the venue.
  • Please also tick if your event is digital and has no live audience.
  • I will undertake a risk assessment and safeguarding analysis for my events and all
    the material I present.
  • I will endeavour to respect Covid-19 government guidelines and review my event
    and risk assessment in light of Public Health developments and Government
  • I will advertise clear safeguarding information regarding age appropriate content,
    nudity, strong language or disturbing themes, both online and in person where
  • I will ensure I have the correct permissions for any performance piece and images
    that have copyright attached.
  • Where relevant to my activities, I will contact the relevant organisation such as the
    Performing Rights Society and will comply with their requirements regarding the use
    of recorded or live music in a venue or digital setting.
  • I will secure Public Liability Insurance to cover my public event for up to £5 Million if
    relevant to my Act and as required by Public Events Licensing.

Public Events:
If your Act will happen in public space then we ask that you email the EventLambeth team at Lambeth Council to let them know the shape, feel and reach of your Act. If necessary, you will then be supported to submit an events application.This will make sure that you have any support/permissions needed and that we are working to keep members of the public safe throughout. You can contact them here: events@lambeth.gov.uk – make sure to put 81 Acts in the subject.